Mobilum Pay Wallet

Custodial wallet with multi-currency debit and credit cards that makes crypto more accessible

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Mobilum Wallet is brought to you by Mobilum Pay - regulated Payments and Lending institution

Multi-currency debit cards that can be used globally

Spend on your crypto balance, while building credit score.

Fund your card with crypto anytime and anywhere - one stop shop to unlock your DeFi wealth.

Apply for a credit card, approved and verified using your onchain crypto holding and transactions.

We have more!
Coming soon

Multi-currency bank accounts

Coming Soon

Bridge tokens between any chains

Coming Soon

Buy and Sell crypto through instant bank payments within the app.

Coming Soon

Swap between cryptocurrency straight from your non-custodial wallet through Mobilum DApps

Coming Soon

Financial Freedom in your hand

Mobilum utilizes innovative payments and banking solution to make any cryptocurrency instantly accessible and spendable.

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